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The Year of the Rabbit (2023)

By Maureen Lamerdin O.M.D.

What if a golden rabbit was about to jump right up into your lap… Quick! What would you do?!

Well, it just happened and the golden rabbit is the symbol of the recent Chinese New Year (2023). tracked for thousands of years by scientist, ancient to modern, Chinese astrology has yielded sage advice about the flow of energy and how we can best flow with it.

So how can you best enter the new year? Chinese tradition says that the rabbit year is a welcoming, temperate and an unhurried year (phew). You can catch your breath and calm your nerves after a fierce year of the tiger. Take this as permission from the ancients to slow down and self nurture!

To make the most of this year’s quiet, positive and inspiring energy, soak up the positive Qi offered by the comfort of home, the beauty of nature and the full moon. The rabbit is a symbol of the moon, so gaze on it to restore your energy.

Matters of communication and business, there will be a shift away from aggression and conflict, toward teamwork and cooperation, leading to a lessening of tensions. It will be an auspicious year to focus on home, family, security, and diplomacy.

The rabbit year is full of new potential as well. Use it to find an edge of yourself, to discover the fresh challenges that might let you expand your life, if well met. In particular, much satisfaction can be gained this year from expanding your knowledge to help you evolve and grow. this month, let’s heed the advice of the rabbit to downshift into a more contemplative, appreciative way of life.

Take a few minutes and just breathe! 

Welcome the year of the rabbit!

elcome the year of the rabbit!

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