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Does your brain need a tune-up?

Life is stressful. We get that.  Taxes, work, family, and the constant influence of various media all compete for our attention.  All these stimuli create distracting patterns throughout our neurotransmitters which become harder to overcome as time reinforces their influence on our thought processes.  NeurOptimal®️ Neurofeedback interrupts those patterns allowing your brain to get back on track. 


Training sessions last about 45 minutes.  
Call today to schedule a session.


We all know when we begin to feel fatigued, out of shape, or are just trying to get back the beach body that physical exercise is an effective way to return ourselves to a state of relative fitness.  But what about our brains?  When our thoughts are sluggish or certain functions become more difficult ("I knew I walked into this room for a reason...what was it?") what options do we have to get our brains back in shape?  NeurOptimal®️ Neurofeedback is one way to help get our brains performing at peak capacity by shaking off the "cobwebs" and allowing neural transmissions to flow more freely.


As we grow older, plaque forms along our neural network and slows nerve conduction.  NeurOptimal®️ Neurofeedback automatically identifies abnormal electrical conduction during sessions and prompts our brains to look for alternative pathways (a process called neuroplasticity) thereby increasing neural conductivity and subsequent brain function.  


ADHD is an electrical pattern disruption within the brain which manifests itself through certain behavioral tendencies.  By using NeurOptimal®️ Neurofeedback, a client's brainwaves are measured and problematic patterns can be identified and addressed.  The NeurOptimal®️ Neurofeedback system recognizes the aberrant electrical activity and calls the brain's attention to it so that other neural pathways can be found and utilized.  In this way, the brain is taught to reorganize itself to avoid future uses of these frenetic patterns.

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