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Five Steps to Igniting your Intentions

By Dr. Robin James-Manning

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.“ -Michael Altshuler 

as the air gets crisper, I’m inviting you to make your intentions crisper. Is your focus on serenity, abundance, health, forgiveness?

Having intention makes the difference between reacting to your life and creating your life. Not having intention is like traveling without a destination – eventually you get lost and end up wandering unfulfilled.

Your intention could be anything from standing in your power at work, more income to finding a loving partner, to health goals. Close your eyes visualizing a true sense of what it looks and feels like in your life now and set an intention of looking and feeling “just as you always intended with desire.” then the tricky part begins: 

1. Declare your intention. Articulating (“my intention is cultivating peace and health” or “boosting my business”? writing down, saying out loud, has surprising power to kickstart things. Bonus actions: make your intention, your screensaver, post your intention on bright pieces of paper.

2. Energize your intention. Find ways to start generating the specific feelings and energy you imagine come from this intention coming to fruition, putting out energy, certain people are drawn to you, with those people come opportunities that help make your intention a reality. Bonus actions: choose a theme song that reflects your intention and start shaking your powerful booty into work! 

3. Vision your intention. Visualizing your future creates an energetic blueprint for building intention. Take some centering breaths. Envision any situation that reflects this intention.

4. Detail what your energy is like, the environment, how your interacting with others, and mostly how it feels to get what you want, not how. Write down the details and read it daily.

Bite-sized action plan. Intention goes nowhere without action. Trick is developing a plan of action that starts right here (not next month) one that doesn’t scare you back into paralysis.

5. Making a list of 10 goals – schedule these action steps (one a day, two a week?). Bonus action: choose one habit daily to strengthen your intention. For health, a daily action could be removing white flour from your diet.

Get out of your own way. If reading these steps invokes negative chatter on why this isn’t going to work, it’s time to kick limiting beliefs to the curb and a list, all fears, excuse.

Take all those party-poopers and scribble over each one and feel their hold over you loosen. Bonus action: I find tearing the paper ties up this cathartic exercise nicely.


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